Andy Murray Is Considering Undergoing Surgery To Fix His Hip Injury

Andy Murray has revealed to his fans that he is thinking about undergoing surgery to correct the long-term problems he has been experiencing with his hip.

Unfortunately, Murray’s hip injury has forced him to postpone the dates for his 2018 season.

In fact, since being knocked out of Wimbledon last July, he has not been playing tennis competitively. He had no choice but to withdraw from the Brisbane International on Tuesday, 48 hours before his first match with US player Ryan Harrison, because of the continued seriousness of his hip injury.

He has also pulled out of the Australian Open after it emerged that he wouldn’t be able to recover in time for the tournament’s January 15 start.

“Sadly I won’t be playing in Melbourne this year, as I am not yet ready to compete,” the 30-year-old tennis star confessed.

In order to update his followers on his current situation and how this would have implications for his tennis career, the three-time Grand Slam champion took to his Instagram page.

Murray posted a photo of himself as a little schoolboy on the photo-sharing app, and wrote this lengthy explanation in the caption:


“Hey everyone.. Just wanted to write a little message on here for anyone interested in what in going through right now.
Firstly I want to apologise to @brisbanetennis for withdrawing at late notice and to everyone who wanted to come along to watch me play (or lose). The organisers couldn’t have been more understanding and supportive and I’ll always remember that. Thank you. I’ve obviously been going through a really difficult period with my hip for a long time and have sought council from a number of hip specialists.”
“Having been recommended to treat my hip conservatively since the US Open I have done everything asked of me from a rehab perspective and worked extremely hard to try get back on the court competing.
 Having played practice sets here in Brisbane with some top players unfortunately this hasn’t worked yet to get me to the level I would like so I have to reassess my options. Obviously continuing rehab is one option and giving my hip more time to recover.
Surgery is also an option but the chances of a successful outcome are not as I high as I would like which has made this my secondary option and my hope has been to avoid that. However this is something I may have to consider but let’s hope not.
I choose this pic as the little kid inside me just wants to play tennis and Compete.. I genuinely miss it so much and i would give anything to be back out there. I didn’t realise until these last few months just how much I love this game. Everytime I wake up from sleeping or napping i hope that it’s better and it’s quite demoralising when you get on the court it’s not at the level you need it to be to compete at this level.
In the short term I’m going to be staying in Australia for the next couple of days to see if my hip settles down a bit and will decide by the weekend whether to stay out here or fly home to assess what I do next. Sorry for the long post but I wanted to keep everyone in the loop and get this off my chest as it’s really hurting inside. Hope to see you back on the court soon.”

Considering it has been half a year since Murray has had a competitive match, it is clear that his injury is not something that will heal on its own and possibly not even with intensive physical therapy sessions.

However, if he does undergo hip surgery, this could have a long-lasting effect on his tennis career. Some have even suggested that his career at the top level could effectively be over.

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