Floyd “Money” Mayweather Flaunts His Personalized Private Jet And Car Collection On Instagram

He is one of boxings all-time greatest stars. With a 50-0 undefeated record, Floyd “Money” Mayweather is outrageously rich. Never shy to flaunt his luxury lifestyle, the 11-time world champion took to Instagram to show off his personalized private jet, as well as his impressive supercar collection.

The G5 private jet cost the boxer $48.25 million, but that was only loose change for the man that only wears his designer shoes once, before he leaves them behind in hotel rooms. Whilst the jet itself is impressive, it is Mayweather’s personalization that really makes it a show-stopper.

The star, who recently purchased a $25 million “castle” in Beverley Hills, recently became a $1 billion sportsman, joining basketball legend, Michael Jordan. However, his extremely lavish lifestyle may see that net worth shrink considerably. Especially when you learn that he spends $6,500 a year on underwear alone, only wearing each pair once.

If his Instagram timeline is any way to judge the boxing legend, then it is safe to assume that his favorite purchase is his private jet, which he exclusively travels on. His huge entourage and bodyguards all have to fly separately to the star, who worries about pushing the jet over capacity.

The jet, which accommodates 10 people (only eight when the bed is used), is Mayweather’s predominant mode of transport. However, that hasn’t stopped him from also amassing a staggering supercar collection. Mayweather’s preferred dealership once claimed that the star had bought over 100 cars from them and paid for every single one in cash.

Just one of his car collections adds up to $15 million, but in a bizarre twist, Mayweather revealed that he doesn’t drive any of the vehicles, which includes a Ferrari Enzo that cost $3.2 million alone.

In fact, his luxury cars are color-coded based upon location. All of the cars at his Miami house are white, whilst all the ones in Las Vegas are black.

He clearly has an eye for very precise detail, which is evident when you step inside his private jet…

A new addition to the jet, is the entrance mat, which reads: “50-0, THE BEST EVER,” in gold lettering. Fresh off the press, the mat, which must have been made after the Mayweather vs McGregor fight in August, takes pride of place. Previously, Mayweather used a less flamboyant mat which simply bore his logo.

Inside the jet, every inch has been carefully designed. Including the pillows which are all individually stitched with “Mayweather”…

Whilst Mayweather rarely let’s his entourage share his jet, he does welcome family on board, along with heaps of cash which he often poses with on Instagram.

The private plane also comes with two personal pilots, A.J. Ramey and Dan Booth, who are employed by the 40-year-old retired boxer. But, being Mayweather’s pilot is much more than just a flying job. Both are often seen as part of his entourage, sitting in the crowds at large events and press conferences whilst clad in their Mayweather branded clothing.

“It’s a family, 100 percent,” said Ramey, who has been Mayweather’s pilot for three years. “From Day 1 you’re brought into a family that you embrace and you become part of it. Everybody works hard and everybody works together. It’s 100 percent a team atmosphere. It’s about taking care of each other.”

Mayweather is estimated to have won a staggering $464 million from fighting McGregor in August. Since then he has splashed out on an enormous property in California, but, more large purchases are expected to follow. No doubt when he spends the rest of the cash, we shall see him flaunting it on Instagram.

For now, here is one thing he spent that hard earned cash on…

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