Freak Accident On The Pitch Sees Footballer In Need Of 10 Stitches To His Penis

When you think of dangerous sports, football isn’t one that instantly crosses your mind – unless you’re thinking of American football which, despite the extremely protective kit, is likely to end in injury. Of course, football players do sustain injuries on the field but they’re usually contained to the ankles and legs.

Injuries inflicted by another player any higher than the shins are practically unheard of. So it was extreme bad luck which saw Argentinian footballer, Mariano Bittolo, who plays for Spanish team Albacete Balompié, needing urgent medical attention for his penis.

The 27-year-old Albacete defender took to the pitch on October 27 to play against SD Huesca, but little did he know he would be leaving the stadium in agony after a teammate accidentally left him in need of 10 stitches to his genitals.

The incident occurred when Bittolo came racing forward help his team as their opposition approached the goal, but as he did so his enthusiastic teammate, Roman Zozulya jumped up to headbutt the high ball away, kicking out behind him in the process and catching Bittolo in the crotch.

Falling to the floor instantly in writing agony, the young player’s pain was evident. As he stands up he can be seen looking down his shorts in utter shock.

According to the club’s doctor, Eduardo Rodriguez, Bittolo needed 10 stitches to his penis which had been slashed open by the studs in Zozulya’s boots.

Immediately after the clash occurred, during the 82nd minute of the game, Bittolo was substituted off to receive some much needed medical attention.

Despite the severe nature of his injury, Bittolo was able to continue training afterward. But, sadly it wasn’t enough to support his team who drew 0-0 during the doomed game, leaving them 18th in the Spanish second tier, just one point above the drop zone.

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