Gregory “The Hurricane” Helms Hits Out At Mia Khalifa After Her Comments On Pro Wrestling

There’s a lot of things that have left me confused in 2017.

How so many sexual predators in Hollywood got away with their actions for so long. Why so many people care about Harry getting engaged to Meghan. Or how Warren Beatty got is so wrong at the Oscars.

But the biggest thing that’s left me utterly perplexed is how former adult actress Mia Khalifa became a renowned sports “pundit”.

It seems the Lebanese-born social media personality is now involved in every-other baseball/basketball/football story you see in the media (and very often getting shut down by athletes after sliding into their DMs).

However, despite the fact Khalifa has amassed a loyal following on her sporting opinions, one man who found her most recent comments degrading was former WWE professional-wrestler, Gregory Helms, formerly known as The Hurricane.

Stand back Mia, there’s a hurricane coming through.

On her most recent YouTube show, ‘Out of Bounds’, Khalifa discussed former UFC champion Ronda Rousey deciding to jump ship to the WWE, along with her fellow MMA ‘Four Horsewomen’, Marina Shafir, Shayna Baszler and Jessamyn Duke.

The 24-year0-old camgirl was far from supportive of Rousey’s move, stating, “[The WWE] is where he career will go to die”.

“I have no respect for the WWE, its not a real sport. Its embarrassing”, she continued.

Obviously, everybody is entitled to their opinion, but this is an increasingly ignorant opinion of the WWE, which has become the most-watch YouTube channel in the world.

The company has produced many global superstars, such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and John Cena, and many of their wrestlers earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year – some, like Triple H, Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker, earn millions.

The company has been around for decades, and WWE Monday Night Raw has become the longest running weekly episodic TV show in history. The legitimacy for success is very present.

However, instead of retort the many facts and figures to Khalifa – or just simply ignore her uneducated opinion – many wrestlers and wrestling fans alike took to Twitter to call out the former adult movie star.

One wrestler who was particular savage in his response was former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and World Tag Team Champion, Gregory “Hurricane” Helms.

He wrote on Twitter: “I’m not gonna get upset that a porn star doesn’t respect Pro Wrestling. She’s entitled to her opinion.

“Our bodies take a pounding and well… so does hers.”

I’m not going to lie, I laughed – as did many people, who saw the funny side in Helms’ tongue-in-cheek comment:

But was Helms’ reply socially acceptable in 2017? Well, not everybody believes so, as many have criticised the former WWE Superstar for “slut shaming” Khalifa.

One fan wrote: “I know this may be a little difficult to wrap your mind around, but stay with me for just a second. It is possible to disagree with Mia Khalifa’s opinion WITHOUT s**t shaming her. I promise it’s not hard. You do it with dudes s******g on wrestling all the time.”

While @rasslinjabroni wrote: “What a f*****g idiot. This is the same type of p***k who tried to, instead of correcting her points or arguing with grace, tried to s**t shame Mia Khalifa. These t***s are reasons male wrestling fans (such as myself” have an image problem.

So, was Helms’ retort justified, and more importantly, okay? Or did Khalifa open herself up to the criticism?

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