Mia Khalifa Is Savagely Shut Down For Flirting With NFL Player On Twitter

Sleeping with a notorious porn star is a fantasy that will never come true for the majority of men. But football players are not short of female admirers, and this one decided to shut down PornHubs’ leading lady.

Mia Khalifa rose to fame in 2014 thanks to a short-lived career in the adult entertainment industry. By the end of that year, she was the best ranked performer on PornHub thanks to an extremely controversial scene…

It’s often said that there’s nothing new on the face of the Earth, but in a world first Khalifa, who is of Lebanese descent, decided to appear in a pornographic film wearing a hijab – even though she comes from a Catholic family.

As a result of this controversial decision, she was subject to a barrage of criticizm, and some even issued the then 22-year-old with death threats. When told that she was going to hell, she replied, “I’ve been meaning to get a little tan recently.”

After her three-month career in the pornographic industry, Khalifa began to make a living from a “more normal job”, but she was still working as a cam girl in May of last year. Now she’s reinvented herself as a sports blogger.

Khalifa, however, is notorious for shutting down any sports players with the audacity to slide into her Twitter DMs. So when she flirted with Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver, JuJu Smith-Schuster, he was quick to make his opinion of her known.

Twenty-year-old NFL Star JuJu Smith-Schuster is currently the youngest player in the NFL and already has a Rose Bowl Champion with the USC Trojans to his name. On paper, he’s quite the sporting catch.

Clearly attracted to his sporting ability and athletic physique, Khalifa tweeted, “You are my new favorite follow on Twitter.”

#TeamFindJujusBike was a reference to a Twitter campaign the NFL star started after his bike was stolen from outside his home.

Smith, however, was not willing to entertain Khalifa for a moment, and he brutally shut her down.

Referring to his youth, Smith tweeted, “Oh hell nah, I’m not fallin for this lol. I’m young not stupid [sic]” in reference to the former Khalifa’s advance. He did not want to become yet another athlete to get shamed by the former porn star.

Khalifa is also not popular amongst sporting fans after a Tweet which appeared to mock of a player for a serious leg injury. So, naturally, Smith’s reply was the perfect opportunity for sporting fans to get their revenge.

“I feel like Gordon Hayward was the sacrificial lamb to unite Boston and Cleveland for a minute before a civil war broke out,” she tweeted.

Khalifa wasn’t going to let Smith’s burn slide either and decided to drag his teammate Le’Veon Bell into the argument.

Given Khalifa’s reputation when it comes to trolling athletes who slide into her DMs, Smith’s reply is completely understandable. Maybe she’ll think twice the next time a footballer slides into her DMs.

After all, trolling him could lead to Khalifa losing out on someone she genuinely likes!

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