Mia Khalifa Just Humiliated Tiger Woods With Brutal Speech

Tiger Woods cannot seem to catch a break. He may be one of the most successful golfers of all time, but he is also one of the most controversial. From an adultery scandal, to drink driving, his name is synonymous with scandal.

The 41-year-old star may have won 14 major championship titles, but they cannot hide the complications that have arisen in his, relatively unrivaled, career. Something that former pornographic actress, Mia Khalifa, was keen to highlight to the world.

Khalifa has also enjoyed a successful, but controversial career. The 24-year-old Lebanese American is a fan favorite with Pornhub users, despite only being in the business for three months. During her time as a porn star, Khalifa was ranked the number one performer on the site, whilst simultaneously upsetting the Middle East by performing a sex act whilst wearing a hijab.

While Wood’s has condemned his own behavior, Khalifa was unapologetic for her actions, reveling in the attention that the stunt attracted. Now a social media influencer and a (fairly under qualified) sports presenter on Complex’s, Out of Bounds, Khalifa has a platform in which to express her true thoughts, and just like the stars exploits, they aren’t tame…

Khalifa was left outraged earlier this week, when Tiger Wood’s announced that he would be returning to the sport he is famous for. The former world number one announced his intention to play in the 2017 Hero World Challenge, a competition hosted by Woods in the Bahamas every December.

The competition sees Woods invite 18 professional players to the course, where they compete in support of his charity, The Tiger Woods Foundation. However, caught in an uncharitable mood, Khalifa raged against Woods decision…

“Tiger, you’re washed, just give up while you’re ahead, retire with some dignity. You don’t need to come back to the sport, just play it for leisure like our President does.”

The adult actress then went on to suggest that Woods “just go commentate” at the event, which boasts a $3.5 million prize fund. Woods has won the competition five times since it was established in 1999, and each time he has given his prize money (roughly $7 million) to his own charity.

Woods pled guilty to reckless driving on October 27, after he arrested in Florida after officers found him asleep in his running car whilst in a traffic lane at 3am on May 29. He was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, which he defended by stating that he was on prescription medication which has caused an unexpected reaction.

He was fined $250, given a one year prohibition and ordered to undergo 50 hours or community service along with regular drug tests.

Khalifa had little pity for the golfing star as she raged on air about his misdemeanors which, in combination with several injuries, have seen him take a break from golf. This Hero World Challenge is the first major competition that Woods will have participated in since 2015. Despite his complicated past year, his return to the sport is generating mass excitement from golf fans.

Wood’s return to golf is being compared to the comeback or Serena Williams, who has just taken time away from tennis whilst giving birth to her first child. However, this comparison enraged Khalifa, who explosively said:

“I’m offended you are putting them in the same category. Of course it’s Serena, I’m offended on her behalf.  Also she’s not coming back from an injury, she’s coming back from a pregnancy. When was the last time he [Woods] was good, it’s not like he’s just had ‘a few bad days’.”

Evidently, Khalifa is not a Tiger Woods fan. Time will only tell if he can prove her wrong. In the mean time, he has apologized for his behavior and explained where it all went so wrong:

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