MMA Fighter Wins Match After KOing Opponent With A WWE-Like “Superman Punch”

We’ve talked many times on this site about the lines between professional wrestling and MMA are constantly blurred – with either discipline borrowing from the other in order to incite fans and build excitement.

Despite being scripted, what many people often forget about professional wrestling is that a lot of the moves genuinely hurt, and can cause a lot of harm if performed to their full extent.

For example, ealier this month, MMA fighter Jonno Mears defeated opponent Aaron Jones at the Full Contact Contender 19 show in the UK after locking in the “Walls Of Jericho”

The move is also known by it’s original name, the “Boston Crab”, but became hugely popular back in the 90s when WWE superstar Chris Jericho adopted it as his submission finishing maneuver.

The closing moments of the match went viral, as Mears was able to stand over a stomach-down Jones, lock in both legs and cinch in the submission move. The move puts a great deal of pressure on the recipient’s back and quads, as the person applying the move lowers the weight down onto their opponent’s back.

Needless to say, due to it’s pop-culture connotations, people are already calling this the MMA submission of the year.

However, submission is now the only way to win a cage fight – sometimes you just need a swift KO out of nowhere.

On Saturday, at the Cage Wars 34 event in New York, one MMA fighter shocked the crowed by defeating his opponent with a strike many WWE fans are used to seeing.

During the closing moments of the match, the fighter carefully measured his opponent and delivered a perfectly-timed flying punch to secure the victory.

The move was delivered in the similar style to WWE superstar and former WWE Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns (The Rock’s cousin), who often uses the signature move dubbed the “Superman punch”.

However, to see a genuine fight end as a result of the flamboyant, and let’s face it, arrogant move is quite something to behold.

The “Superman punch” was also brought up earlier this year after fighting fans around the world called out Conor McGregor and begged him to use the move against Floyd Mayweather their big-money match. The unique strike is not outlawed in the boxing ring, but for some reason is more commonly used within the MMA world.

But this doesn’t mean the “Superman punch” has never been used in the boxing ring. Perhaps the most famous example of a “Superman punch” being used in boxing is when featherweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez hit Roger Mayweather so hard with the strike that he sent him through the ropes!

Check it out below!

I wonder what other WWE moves we’ll see in the Octagon?

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