Muay Thai Boxer Suffers Horrific Injuries After Taking An Elbow To The Head During Fight

Participating in sports inevitably ends in some sort of injury. Whether it be self-inflicted by excessive training, or done during a game/match, there is no escaping the first aid kit – or, if you’re very unlucky, extreme surgery.

While every career choice comes complete with its own risks, there are few jobs as notoriously dangerous as Muay Thai boxing. The relatively unregulated sport is extremely popular across the world, especially in the Indian cultural hemisphere where it was born.

The combat sport is extremely popular with everyday citizens who take to the ring after a day in the office. While this helps promote the sport, which is currently not officially recognized by the Olympics, it also entices people without adequate training to participate which can often result in injury.

This side of the sport was exposed for the world to see when Muay Thai boxer, Jeremy, took a direct elbow to the forehead, leaving him with an enormous dent in his skull.

Despite the serious injury, Jeremy continued to fight without any realizing that he’d fractured his skull. The fight was eventually stopped by the referee, who got “a doctor to look at the injury.”

According to someone present the “professional Muay Thai fight,” which was held “at a local stadium”, was “stopped right away” after the doctor inspected Jeremy’s head.

“His Thai opponent landed a big elbow strike that caused the injury,” a man named Jonny Betts, who trains with Jeremy, told SPORTbible.

In fact, it was Jonny that uploaded the images of Jeremy to his Facebook page. “Bit of a nasty injury caused by a big elbow on Monday night at Patong stadium. He had surgery last night, wish him a quick recovery!” the amateur boxer wrote.

Jeremy, who is from France, is now out of hospital after extensive surgery to fix the fracture, in which a titanium plate was inserted into his head. Unbelievably, he suffered no brain injury as a result of the deep dent.

“An update to yesterday’s post: Jeremy is now out of hospital following the surgery to fix up the fracture with a titanium plate. No brain injury and he was never even dizzy,” Betts typed on Facebook with photographs of a smiling Jeremy post-surgery.

“He wasn’t fazed by it at all and wanted to continue the fight but the doctor called it off for his safety,” Betts explained. “He’s recovering well from the surgery and hopes to be back training in a few months, but obviously no head contact for a long time.”

We wish Jeremy a speedy recovery, as do the thousands of people who have followed his story online. No doubt he will be back in the ring very soon – although, this time with hopefully without injury. For now, it seems as though he is on the right path to bouncing back as if nothing happened!

Let this be a lesson to you if you’re tempted by risky sports, it’s not always as pretty as Floyd Mayweather makes it look on Instagram!

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