John Cena Reveals His Most Embarrassing Moment In The Ring

John Cena has come a long way since making his WWE debut back in 2002.

He went from being a generic professional wrestler with a bad haircut to following in the footsteps of The Rock, Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold to become one of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. In January of this year, Cena tied Ric Flair with the most number of world championship reigns (16), and now he works part-time in Hollywood as an actor.

Some people may snigger and laugh at this, but when The Rock left WWE for Hollywood, I bet nobody would have predicted “The Great One” would soon become the highest paid actor in the world.

Cena’s longevity in the business has been down to a few things. Sure, many would argue his character didn’t evolve enough, but the fact “Big Match John” was repeatedly able to put on amazing matches with the likes of CM Punk, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens and Randy Orton, meant his place at the top of the card was always justified.

Yes, over a fifteen-year career and 25 championship reigns, it’s hard to deny Cena as one of the best of all time. Afterall, he’s had a perfect career, right?

Well… Kinda.

A lot is bound to happen over 15 years and in thousands of matches.

John Cena recently spoke to SPORTBible, where he answered several questions from fans whilst promoting his latest movie, Ferdinand. 

One question that was posed to the WrestleMania main-eventer was, “What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you during a match?”

And thanks to a colorful and lengthy career, Cena was able to provide the perfect answer.

Going back to a time before he wore colorful T-shirts, rapped during promos and ran down to the ring in jean-shorts, Cena was just another run-of-the-mill wrestler, looking for his big break.

Determined to make a dedicated impression to his bosses, Cena revealed how he continued to wrestle (an extremely physical and strenuous activity) during a bout of food poisoning. You can probably see where this is going…

Yes, John Cena pooped himself during a match. Here’s how the situation went down in “The Champ’s” own words:

“The most embarrassing thing is when I performed with food poisoning. I happened to not be wearing my denim shorts, this was way back in the days of yore and believe it or not, I was wearing Halloween orange spandex trunks.

At the end of the contest, the orange had turned into an unflattering Autumn brown.

Another wrestling nightmare would be to have your music play and you’re not ready to go out, but I would much rather arrive late but dressed for the occasion than pooping yourself and vomiting during a performance.”

Of course, this sort of thing is not uncommon for athletes. We’ve all seen pictures and videos circulated around the internet of runners, soccer players and MMA fighters getting caught short. You just don’t expect it from the Dr. of Thuganomics…

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