WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore Refuses To Remove “Penis” From His Driving License

Wrestling is a sport dominated by feuds. Some of the greatest all-time rivalries in professional wrestling have been between stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, but now the sport has a new and much greater rivalry…

And it’s between current WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore and the DMV.

Thirty-one-year-old Enzo Amore, whose real name is Eric Anthony Arndt, is famed for signing to WWE with no prior experience and going on to become one of its biggest stars, currently his second reign as WWE’s Cruiserweight Champion.

Enzo got into the sport when he discovered that he trained at the same gym as Triple H. He asked his trainer Joe DeFranco if he’d show WWE’s COO a tape of him attempting wrestling moves and the rest is history.

However, despite being more than adept at holding his own in the ring, Enzo recently found himself fighting a new enemy – the DMV. They had contacted the 31-year-old to ask him to remove a penis from his driving license.

“State of Delaware called me, they told me it’s time I come in & change the signature on my license. I told em nah, I’m Gucci. #EA #iKnowMyRights#HowYouGunnaTellMeHowToSignMyOwnSignature (sic)” he wrote on Instagram.

Incensed by the DMV’s request, Enzo went on to post an Instagram rant in pure defiance of it.

“So listen, I got issues with the state of Delaware. I’ve been a busy guy lately – been Abu Dhabi, been India – and my phone has been ringing off the damn hook. And I’ve been hitting the FU button on the side and sending it straight to voicemail because I know who it is. It’s the state of Delaware and I know what they want.

They want me to come in a get a new signature on my license, ’cause my current is unacceptable. gotta get a new picture – the whole lot.”

“So I’m walking in there with a great hairstyle and a great attitude, ’cause I represent myself in court, in life, and in the DMV.

And I always win ’cause I’m the realest champ in the room.”

Check out Enzo’s rant in the video below and try not to jump when he raises his voice:

“And there ain’t no way the state of Delaware is gonna tell me how to sign my own license. I’ve been signing this thing since grade school.

Looks like an ‘EA’ to me, Delaware. What do you think, huh? You got a problem, Delaware?”

However, Enzo’s feud with the DMV is not the only thing that the WWE star has to be upset about.

Enzo’s prodigy and up-and-coming WWE star 23-year-old Liv Morgan is absolutely slaying on Instagram since their break up in September. Their relationship ended because of Enzo’s love of exotic dancers.

Whilst Enzo’s career might be going from strength to strength, his ex is as talented as she is beautiful, and fans of the WWE are claiming that it is only a matter of time before she bags herself a better-looking man.

Enzo’s definitely going to regret cheating on Morgan when he sees these pictures of her flawless body.

That girl has abs of steel! But it’s no wonder, she’s been a fan of the WWE since she was a young girl.

Perhaps Enzo saw these jaw-dropping pictures of Morgan shortly before getting a call from the DMV.

Either way, the 31-year-old is no stranger to holding his own. In fact, according to reports Sportster, he was recently thrown off a WWE tour bus by Roman Reigns after getting into an argument.

Nonetheless, his claim that his signature is legitimately a penis is difficult to believe…

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