WWE Superstar John Cena Is Reduced To Tears By Fans After They Explain To Him How He Changed Their Lives

The Champ is here! Professional wrestler John Cena has been the face of the WWE for over years now, and it’s safe to say that he has left fans divided with his work in the ring. But whether you love or hate his matches, every fanatic will confess to respecting Cena for his dedication and work outside the ring.

As well as being a 16-time world champion, the leader of the Cenation also holds the record for the most number of appearances made on behalf of the Make-A-Wish, with over 500! In addition, his “Never Give Up” message has touch the hearts of many of his supporters around the world.

And here he is giving an Attitude Adjustment to Jon Stewart:

Well, whilst filming a promotional movie for Cricket Wireless, Cena was surprised by a group of his biggest fans, and brought to tears as one-by-one they thanked him for the impact he has had on their lives.

Cena was sat down in front of a camera and asked to read aloud ‘Thank You’ cards from his fans, not realizing that they were listening in the next room.

One fan, Raihan Ahmed, wrote to Cena and explained how back in 2017 he was training to become a professional wrestler until he was hit by a car and left for dead. As Cena’s voice started to choke, he explained how Ahmed woke up in the hospital and was told by doctors that he would never walk again – let alone wrestle. But, Ahmed went on to say how he learned to “never give up” from his hero, and now life seems okay.

As Cena made his way through the cards and stories, his eyes filled with tears. However, he was then asked to watch a video of a young fan whose mother had been diagnosed with cancer, and Cena was unable to contain his emotions. But the biggest surprise was yet to come.

If you thought John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment or STF was enough to make you cry, just wait until you see this…

As Cena started watching the pre-recorded video of the young fan, Tyler Schweer, his eyes filled with tears as the little boy broke down explaining how it felt to hear about his mother being diagnosed with cancer.

But then Tyler explained how Cena had handed him one of his trademark wristbands at a live WWE event. So what did Tyler do? He forced his mom to ear the wristband during her surgery and told her to “never give up”! The 40-year-old wrestling icon croaked, “That’s pretty cool. At a young age he has such great perspective […] It’s really cool to see man.” Tyler’s mom is now free of cancer.

However, just when Cena thought he was finished riding through the wave of emotions, Tyler suddenly broke through a display, and stood in front of Cena in tears, and thanked the former champion for everything he does. Cena quickly stood up and embraced his loyal supporter with a hug. But that wasn’t the end, check out the full video below…

I think I’d rather have Cena AA me through a table than try and watch that again without crying. What a remarkable role model!

Cena had one more heartfelt message for his Cenation, and his words

“Just remember that you guys do the work. And I mean that. Don’t think that you’re the only one who is up against it and don’t think that you’re the only one who has challenges to face every day. You all lead by example, and I mean it when I say it: Never give up. This is a championship squad right here.”

As one fan put it, how often does somebody have the chance to tell their hero “thank you”? As a wrestling fan myself, I love the work the WWE do outside of the ring for their affiliated charities, and it’s great to see somebody like Cena have the chance to recognize just how much the Superstars mean to the fans.

But, the final message is outlined by Cena at the end of the video; remember that your actions can impact so many people without you even realizing – in a good and bad way – so always take this into account. Oh, and whenever you’re facing your own trials and tribulations, never give up!

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