15 Of The Best Motivational Quotes From Legends Of Sport

Ever noticed that athletes who achieve greatness in their chosen discipline are also typically pretty good at contextualising and describing the pursuit of excellence by putting their experiences into language?

We can all learn something about achieving at the very highest level by gaining access into the mindsets of some of the greatest sportsmen and women ever to grace the annals of history, so with that in mind, here is a collection of some of the very best inspirational quotes from of the most legendary athletes of all time. All the amazing graphics in this piece come courtesy of our friends over at Entrepreneur.

1. For the love of the game

2. See it through until the very end

3. There’s always a solution

4. Who do you want to be?

5. Outwork the rest of the room

6. Be relentless

7. Anticipation is key

8. Keep moving forwards

9. Shoot for the stars

10. Fight with your back against the wall

11. Just another hurdle to jump over

12. Leave a legacy

13. Take small steps everyday

14. Find pleasure in the struggle

15. Never stop dreaming

Inspired? Good, now go forth and succeed in your chosen field, armed with some knowledge imparted from others who have done exactly that.

H/T: Entrepreneur

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