Conor McGregor Goes Up Against a Punching Machine And Smashes The Record

Like standing in the wall facing a Cristiano Ronaldo free kick, or becoming a tee for Tiger Woods’ golf swing, there are some athletes you don’t want to be in the way of when they’re doing their thing. This applies most to those in the fighting industry. As Jose Aldo or Nate Diaz might tell you, being on the end of a left hook from UFC champ Conor McGregor is not a great place to be, but how impactful can Notorious’ punching power really be?

This video shows the time Conor McGregor took on one of those punching machines you can find in many arcades. These bags are only really made for mere mortals, so what happens when a guy who is paid to punch things takes one on? We’ve seen Anthony Joshua perform a similar feat alongside Watford footballer Troy Deeney, and Joshua managed a score of 756, before his second punch broke the machine. Now, it’s Conor McGregor’s turn, and at this punching machine in Nevada’s Las Vegas he did quite well.

Taking a long run-up, McGregor’s momentum carried him powerfully into the machine, and although the high score for that machine was impossibly high, Conor McGregor managed to beat it. It’s not quite as powerful as Anthony Joshua’s (the machine is still functioning, after all), but when you consider that Anthony Joshua is around 80 pounds and nine inches bigger than McGregor, a score of 932 from the UFC superstar is hardly something to be scoffed at.

It was an impressive effort from the Irishman, but Conor McGregor will have to improve his punching power for when he takes on the undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. Conor McGregor may have an unenviable record in MMA, but taking on Mayweather is a different proposition altogether. We can expect Floyd Mayweather to employ his usual conservative fighting style, so McGregor is going to have to hit quite hard in order to take advantage of any openings he might get in the showcase showdown.

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