Cris Cyborg Wants To Fight Ronda Rousey In The WWE And It Might Just Happen

It is no secret that the previously imperious Ronda Rousey has seen her career take a significant downward turn of late, after her much vaunted comeback fight against Amanda Nunes ended just 48 seconds into the first round of their fight last year.

The fight, which was intended to revitalise Rousey’s career following her shock loss to Holly Holm in a title fight at UFC 193, looks to have effectively ended her career in MMA in brutal fashion – a swift burst of punches from Nunes and it was over.

Nunes herself appeared to consign Rousey to the UFC history books immediately after the fight when she told reporters, “Forget Ronda Rousey. She’s gonna go make movies now and retire.”

Harsh words following a brutal fight, but it might not be time to dismiss Rousey to glitzy world of Hollywood just yet.

It has long been a desire of UFC fans for Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg to meet in the octagon – particularly when Rousey was at the height of her powers and dominance in the UFC, and while the notion of them making an MMA bout now seems rather laughable due to Rousey’s recent struggles, Cyborg has another idea about the circumstances under which the pair could make a fight happen.

In a tweet posted on Sunday, Cyborg appeared to challenge Rousey to a fight in the WWE wrestling ring, after wrestler Gabi Castrovinci tweeted out footage of herself and Cyborg trying out some moves in the ring.

Cyborg then responded with a challenge in the form of a suggestion to Ronda Rousey, saying, “I have my tagteam partner @RaquelTNA now all @RondaRousey needs is one @wwe and we can #RoyalRumble #wwe”.

Reading between the lines, then, it appears that if Rousey is game and can find herself a tag team partner for the bout (I’m sure there won’t be any shortage of offers) then we could well be seeing Rousey vs Cyborg in what was many UFC fans dream fight – the only catch is it isn’t quite in the correctly shaped fighting arena.

It would certainly be some spectacle to see the pair finally face off, no matter what the setting, so here’s hoping that the latest in a string of potential mega-fights will come to fruition.

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