Handball Player Makes A Classy No-Look Pass… Into His Own Goal

Playing as a goalkeeper is one of the toughest jobs in team sports such as hockey, handball or football. There’s not as much running involved as playing in midfield or attack, but you’ve got to be focused at all times – and if the other team scores, a great deal of the blame lies on you. That being said, when you manage to fling out an arm to repel an otherwise goal-bound shot, there are few greater feelings in life.

For all of you aspiring Manuel Neuers and Gigi Buffons out there, I have one piece of sage advice, however: when you make a great save, it’s important not to spend too much time celebrating the stop, no matter how tempting it might be to bask in your own glory. HSG Wetzlar’s Benjamin Buric demonstrated exactly why a goalkeeper has to be on high alert at all times.

The sport was handball, but the principle was the same; in a DKB Handball-Bundesliga game between HSG Wetzlar and GWD Minden, Benjamin Buric was having an impressive game in the Wetzlar goal. Collapsing his body expertly to field a powerful shot, the ball ended up with one of his teammates, and Buric took the moment to pump his fists and engage with the crowd after such an important save.

In the world of ball sports, one of the coolest moves you can pull off is the no-look pass. Moving a ball in the direction you want without actually looking in that direction requires a certain level of technique, and it’s the ultimate slap in the face to the other team, completely bamboozling the opposition. That is, of course, if you pull it off.

Stefan Cavor did not quite pull off the no-look pass. After the HSG Wetzlar team passed it amongst themselves, Cavor cheekily played back to his keeper in an attempt to recycle possession, but the gambit failed spectacularly. Benjamin Buric was still celebrating way up-court when the ball bounced past him into the HSG Wetzlar net.

Luckily for Wetzlar and Benjamin Buric in particular, the own goal did little to affect the outcome of the match; HSG Wetzlar eventually prevailed 26-22 over GWD Minden, and now sit in seventh place, seven points behind SC Madgeburg, who occupy the final EHF Cup place. If the race for the EHF goes down to goal difference, then Benjamin Buric may live to regret his lapse in concentration.

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