Here Are The Best Photoshops Of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Bizarre Statue

Poor Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t had the best of luck with his statues.

It is, of course, a great honour to be immortalised in bronze, but I’m almost certain that Cristiano would prefer it if one of his effigies actually ended up looking remotely close to his real-life appearance. The latest awful attempt at a Ronaldo bust has had the internet in stitches since its recent unveiling ceremony, mostly because it looks absolutely nothing like the Real Madrid forward and is rather unflattering to the chiselled Adonis we all know Cristiano to be.

Inevitably, the internet has rolled up its collective sleeves and got to work on Photoshop to create some hilarious edits of the original photos of the statue; some are grotesque, some are hilarious, all are admirable in their effort and application. Here are some of the very best thus far.

Looks pretty life-like to me

Forever immortalised 

Best crying Jordan yet?

Truly, utterly terrifying

Nothing to see here

What have I just seen?

Take a look at my brand new movie pitch

Here’s hoping that one day, somewhere, someone will succeed in creating a genuinely passable effigy of one of football’s all-time greats. In the meantime, we can all sit back with a wry smile on our face and muse that even the most successful among us can be thwarted sometimes.

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