Tom Brady Has Had His Super Bowl 51 Jersey Stolen… Again

It’s been a rollercoaster couple of months for Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots. In February, the 39-year-old played a huge part in one of the greatest NFL comebacks of all time when the Patriots roared back from 28-3 down in the second half of Super Bowl 51 against the Atlanta Falcons, securing his fifth championship ring (as well as fourth Super Bowl MVP award) in the process.

Mere minutes after the Patriots’ historic victory, disaster struck. Tom Brady’s jersey from that magical night; the fabric that saw 466 passing yards and 43 completions (both Super Bowl records), the clothing that contributed to sporting history, was stolen from Tom Brady’s dressing room as he addressed the press following another start turn at the NFL’s showcase event.

What followed was a worldwide investigation, as media outlets and law enforcement alike tried to track down the jersey, as well as the Patriots shirt that Brady wore in Super Bowl 49 (where the Patriots defeated the Seahawks). Houston Police, who took charge of the case, valued the jersey at over $500,000, but earlier this week, the Patriots released a video showing owner Robert Kraft returning the jersey to Tom Brady, saying it had taken an “international trip”.

Tom Brady paraded his newly-returned jersey at the opening of the MLB season in Boston, where the Boston Red Sox were set to take on the Pittsburgh Pirates and Brady threw the ceremonial first pitch. As Brady waved his legendary shirt around in the air, noted Patriots prankster Rob Gronkowski saw the opportunity for a great joke, and snatched Brady’s shirt from him, making a run for the bleachers. This time, though, Brady was ready.

As the quarterback for the Patriots, Tom Brady must be more used to throwing than he is tackling, but he chased down his teammate with excellent speed, considering Brady was probably still on holiday after the Super Bowl win. Gronkowski isn’t quite at full fitness either, and what ensued was a fevered chase across the hallowed ground of Fenway Park.

As the crowd erupted in cheers, Brady helped Gronkowski to his feet, taking the prank well, and the baseball match went on as planned. The Red Sox defeated the Pirates 5-3 in the season opener, and although the NFL season isn’t set to start until September, Brady and Gronkowski started their pre-season preparations a little early.

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